About Us

It has been said that we are only a generation away from forgetting our history.

A vital part of that history is the personal accounts of heroes whose unselfish actions have contributed to the traditions and values that represent the soul of America. The mission of The Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes–formed as an IRS-approved 501(c)3 non-profit public charity with tax deductible status–is to search for, discover and illuminate America’s heroes both past and present.

The foundation will accomplish this in two ways. First, the foundation staff will discover and illuminate inspirational, true stories of American heroes. When a hero is named, the mission of the Foundation will be to illuminate that hero in the most appropriate way through film, television, books, magazines and feature articles.  Once that initial mission is completed new heroes will be discovered and identified by the American public through the foundation’s website and social networking activities. The foundation will actively promote the most popular stories to film producers, screenplay writers, top-tier actors, television producers and book publishers. The foundation will also illuminate and promote the most inspirational stories on television and radio talk shows around the country, both locally and nationally. The foundation will develop proprietary film treatments (for which it will hold the licensing rights) of the most inspirational and popular stories.

The Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes, Inc., is a IRS-approved tax-exempt Public Charity, whose Founding Board is comprised of David C. Jamison as Executive Director, Directors Randy Anderson and William Ciosek, and Sheldon Bart. Mr. Jamison was a key deputy to Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Jack Anderson for many years in Washington, DC. It was Jack Anderson’s dream to form a foundation to illuminate America’s heroes through motion pictures, television shows, books, and educational programs. The Foundation is created in loving memory of Jack Anderson.

It was also Jack Anderson’s specific dream to develop the inspirational true story of Merian Cooper and his fellow American fighter pilots of The Kosciuszko Squadron into a major motion picture for the whole world to see. Jack Anderson’s son, Randy, is a founding director of the foundation as is their mutual lifetime friend, William Ciosek. Mr. Ciosek has spent many years researching the story of Merian C. Cooper and The Kosciuszko Squadron and has written the film treatment that the Foundation will develop into a major motion picture for the whole world to see.


We are proud to be members of AUSA